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Parts will be quoted after diagnostics are performed, unless requested prior to booking. Parts will not be installed without prior consent given by the party that is to be held financially responsible.

Labor pricing is based on a flat rate, scaled within tiers, that is dictated by the demands of the repair across all appliance platforms. Note: special pricing will be quoted for major repairs.



Diagnosis/In Person Consultation - $85.00 

This fee is attributed to the total cost of all repairs.
Maintenance Adjustments  -  $125.00
Includes (but is not limited to): accessible drain cleaning (including accessible filters), accessible sensor cleaning, minor wiring repairs, part re-installation (bins, shelves, baffles, most lights, light fixtures, gaskets, ect.), fill hose replacements.

Small Repairs - $155.00

Includes (but is not limited to): consumer inaccessible filter cleaning, gasket replacements (excluding washing machine door bellow/boot), Standard burner/receptacle replacements (electric ranges), burner head replacement (gas range), Inlet valve replacement, exposed oven element replacement, shelf replacements, belt replacements.

Standard Repairs$175.00

Includes (but is not limited to): Pump replacements, drain/internal hose replacement, washing machine door bellow/boot replacement, fan replacements, circuit board replacements, glass pane replacements, door replacements, hidden burner/element replacements, pully/roller replacements, thermostat replacements, ect.

Additional Appliance$20.00 off tiered repair cost

Ranges from $65.00 (diagnosis only) - $135.00 (standard repair)


Installations (units must be provided):

Haul Away$35.00 Haul away and disposal of old unit (Refuse fee)

Dishwasher - $175.00

Removal of currently installed unit (if present). Connecting new drainage system, connecting power supply to new unit, leveling and mounting for safety and functionality. 

Washer/Dryer$105.00 ea. ($190.00 pair)

Removal of currently installed unit(s) (if present). Connecting supply lines, connect venting, checking for leaks during test cycling. 

Garbage Disposal - $155.00

Removal and disposal of old unit (if present). Mounting of new disposal, connecting of dishwasher drain line if present. Checking for any possible leaks.

Built in/Over Range Microwaves - $175

Removal of currently installed unit, if present. Mounting new bracket, ensuring proper exhaust orientation/ventilation connection. 

Range 36" and Below $135.00

Removal of currently installed unit (if present). Installation and leveling of new unit. 

RefrigeratorCurrently N/A

Due to current limitations on haul away and limited man power.